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अमरकोश - Amara Kosha Synset

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Meaning (sk):
Meaning (en):man of mixed origin/man of the lowest caste/man of the fourth, lowest caste/man of the fourth or lowest of the four original classes or castes
2|10|1|1शूद्राश्चावरवर्णाश्च वृषलाश्च जघन्यजाः।
Pratipadika Linga Number Nom. Sing Word Ref. Meaning (en) Meaning (sk) Section Chapter
शूद्र (2)पुंallशूद्रा 2|10|1|1|1man of mixed origin/man of the lowest ca ...शूद्रवर्गः
अवरवर्णपुंallअवरवर्णः 2|10|1|1|2zUdra/low or despised caste/belonging to ...शूद्रवर्गः
वृषल (2)पुंallवृषलः 2|10|1|1|3ox/horse/dancer/kind of garlic/little or ...शूद्रवर्गः
जघन्यज (2)पुंallजघन्यजः 2|10|1|1|4zUdra/youngest/low-born/last born/younge ...शूद्रवर्गः
Outgoing Relations:
Incoming Relations:
[ak]अजाजीवनः of satya-kAma/metronymic of mahAzAla --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]अलसः idle/slow/lazy/dull/heavy/faint/tired/drowsy/inactive/indolent/tympanitis/withou ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]इन्द्रजालिकः juggler/sorcerer/conjurer/illusion-maker --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]करतालिकावादकः striking with the hand/workman or handicraftsman/drummer or one who plays upon a ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]काथिकः spy/celestial singer/wandering actor or singer/belonging to the same Vedic schoo ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]कारुसङ्घे_मुख्यः ant-hill/mole-hill/green snake/kind of ebony/sort of mouse/another plant/chief o ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]किरातः bawd/dwarf/groom/horseman/procuress/prince of the kirAtas/man of the kirAta trib ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]क्षुरिः barber --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]चण्डालः outcast/outcaste/man of the lowest and most despised of the mixed tribes --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]चतुरः quick/swift/shrewd/clever/visible/prudent/skilful/charming/ingenious/dexterous/a ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]चित्रकारादिः art/poet/science/horrible/architect of the gods/one who sings or praises --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]चोरः thief/usurper/thievish/plagiarist/captivator/the perfume coraka/dishonest or unf ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]जालेन_मृगान्बध्नः hunter/deer-catcher --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]दासः zUdra/demon/slave/fiend/savage/infidel/impious/servant/fiendish/fisherman/barbar ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]देवपूजोपजीविनः man subsisting by attending on an idol and receiving its offerings --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]नटः mime/actor/dancer/sort of reed/bank of a river/Ashoka tree [ Jonesia Asoka - Bot ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]नीचः low/deep/base/mean/vile/short/lowered/not high/inferior/dwarfish/depressed/insig ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]पक्षीणां_हन्ता fowler/murderer/life-destroyer --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]परान्नजीवनः food of another --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]परेण_संवर्धितः servant/nourished by another --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]पुलिन्दः barbarian/mountaineer/mast or rib of a ship/man or the king of this tribe --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]भारवाहकः ass/porter/coolie --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]मांसविक्रयजीविः butcher/bird-catcher --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]मृगवधाजीवः --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]मृदङ्गवादकः drummer --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]रजकः washerman/washer man/parrot or a garment --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]वार्तावाहकः porter/hawker/carrier/burden-bearer/hawker who carries wares to sell --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]वीणावादकः lutanist/lute-player/playing on a lute --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]वेणुवादकः piper/flute-player --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]वेतनोपजीविः hired/brought/fetched/servant/attendant/hired labourer/receiving wages --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]शङ्खवादकः shelly/shell-cutter/worker or dealer in shells/shell-blower or player on the con ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]शबरः brindled/relating or belonging to a zabara/member of a wild mountaineer tribe/ki ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]शूद्रस्यभार्या zUdra woman/wife of a zUdra/woman of the fourth caste --[पति_पत्नीसंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
[ak]शौण्डिकः distiller and vendor of spirituous liquors --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> शूद्रः
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