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अमरकोश - Amara Kosha Synset

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Meaning (sk):
Meaning (en):house/booty/spoil/grasp/seizer/effort/favour/taking/planet/seizing/holding/robbing/eclipse/seizure/spoonful/ladleful/tenacity/choosing/stealing/receiving/taking up/reception/employing/obtaining/crocodile/mentioning/perception/perceiving/recognising/imprisoning/obstructing/number nine/apprehension/imprisonment/keeping back/understanding/insisting upon/laying hold of/anything seized/perseverance in/rAhu or the dragon's head/seizure of the sun and moon/beginning of any piece of music/place of a planet in the fixed zodiac/middle of a bow or that part which is grasped when the bow is used/as much as can be taken with a ladle or spoon out of a larger vessel/any ladle or vessel employed for taking up a portion of fluid out of a larger vessel/any state which proceeds from magical influences and takes possession of the whole man
3|3|237|1दलेऽपि बर्हं निर्बन्धोपरागार्कादयो ग्रहाः।
Pratipadika Linga Number Nom. Sing Word Ref. Meaning (en) Meaning (sk) Section Chapter
ग्रह (7)पुंallग्रहः 3|3|237|1|2house/booty/spoil/grasp/seizer/effort/fa ...नानार्थवर्गः
Outgoing Relations:
Incoming Relations:
[ak]आग्नेयदिशः_ग्रहः pure/lucid/white/clear/bright/spotless/resplendent/kind of plant/Venus [Planet]/ ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]ईशानदिशः_ग्रहः lord of prayer or devotion name of a deity --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]उत्तरदिशः_ग्रहः god/dog/sage/wise/clever/Mercury/awaking/wise man/learned man/intelligent/Mercur ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]ग्रहणम् rAhu/abuse/colour/eclipse/reproach/influence/darkening/affecting/ill-conduct/mis ... --[गुण-गुणी-भावः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]ग्रहभेदः lamp/form/sign/flag/mark/chief/comet/shape/enemy/torch/flame/ensign/banner/meteo ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]चन्द्रः moon/water/camphor/shining/number one/glittering/kind of reddish pearl/eye in a ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]दक्षिणदिशः_ग्रहः None --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]नैऋतदिशः_ग्रहः name of a kazyapa/name of a son of kRSNa --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]पश्चिमदिशः_ग्रहः planet Saturn/son of the sun --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]पूर्वदिशः_ग्रहः sun/Sunday/mountain/sun or the sun-god/right canal for the passage of the vital ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]बुधः god/dog/sage/wise/clever/Mercury/awaking/wise man/learned man/intelligent/Mercur ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]बृहस्पतिः lord of prayer or devotion name of a deity --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]मङ्गलः Tuesday/charcoal/planet Mars/Mars [astron.]/heated charcoal/medicated oil [med.] ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]युगपदुच्यमानौ_सूर्यचन्द्रौ flowery/blooming/flowering/sun and moon/having flowers or decorated with flowers --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]राहुः Seizer/eclipse or the moment of the beginning of an occultation or obscuration --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]राहुग्रस्थेन्दुः_अथवा_सूर्यः evil/invasion/calamity/visitation/inundation/affliction/misfortune/devastation/d ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]वायव्यदिशः_ग्रहः moon/lonely/solitary/throbbing/palpitation --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]शनीः Indian-laurel [Terminalia Tomentosa - Bot.]/clammyweeds plant [Polanisia Icosand ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]सूर्यः sun/drug/solar/new bride/swallow-wort/epithet of ziva/sun or its deity/daughter ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
[ak]सूर्यपार्श्वस्थः Brahman/of vyAsa/of one of the Sun's attendants/superintendent of a monastic sch ... --[परा_अपरासंबन्धः]--> ग्रहः
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