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अमरकोश - Amara Kosha Synset

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Meaning (sk):
Meaning (en):arrow/turmeric/white mustard/pole of the ecliptic/particular mineral substance/particular position of the hand/kadamba tree [Neolamarckia cadamba]/millet [Andropogon Serratus - Bot.]/Kadama tree [Nauclea Cadamba - Bot.]
2|4|42|1तूलं च नीपप्रियककदम्बास्तु हलिप्रियः।
Pratipadika Linga Number Nom. Sing Word Ref. Meaning (en) Meaning (sk) Section Chapter
नीप (2)पुंallनीपः 2|4|42|1|2deep/situated low/foot of a mountain/Kad ...वनौषधिवर्गः
प्रियक (8)पुंallप्रियकः 2|4|42|1|3bee/chameleon/kind of bird/kind of tree/ ...वनौषधिवर्गः
कदम्ब (3)पुंallकदम्बः 2|4|42|1|4arrow/turmeric/white mustard/pole of the ...वनौषधिवर्गः
हलिप्रियपुंallहलिप्रियः 2|4|42|1|5Kadama tree [Nauclea Cadamba - Bot.]वनौषधिवर्गः
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