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अमरकोश - Amara Kosha Synset

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Meaning (sk):None
Meaning (en):new or full moon/last or 15th tithi of either half month/end of the wings of an army arranged in the shape of a bird
1|4|7|2पक्षान्तौ पञ्चदश्यौ द्वे पौर्णमासी तु पूर्णिमा॥
Pratipadika Linga Number Nom. Sing Word Ref. Meaning (en) Meaning (sk) Section Chapter
पक्षान्तपुंallपक्षान्तः 1|4|7|2|1new or full moon/last or 15th tithi of e ...कालवर्गः
पञ्चदशी (2)स्त्रीallपञ्चदशी 1|4|7|2|2day of full or new moon/15th day of a ha ...कालवर्गः
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