Functional Samskrit

Course on Functional Samskrit


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About the course



  • Laying a foundation for Samskrit language
  • Enhance skills in Samskrit grammar
  • Enhance text comprehension skills
  • Vocabulary building
  • Fluency in spoken Samskrit


  • Enhanced reading, writing, and understanding skills
  • Construction of long sentences
  • Conversation in Samskrit with confidence
  • Stepping stone for Samskrit shastras

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Reading and writing
  • Spoken Samskrit
  • Word generation, Morphological analysis
  • Sentence construction
  • Creative writing
  • Comprehending Samskrit texts
  • धातुपरिचयः क्रियापदपरिचयः च
  • विभक्तिपरिचयः
  • प्रयोगाः - कर्तरि कर्मणि भावे
  • श्लोकपठनविधिः
  • कथारचना
  • वाचोविच्छित्तिपरिचयः

Unique Features of the Course

Course Details

Fee structure

Students: INR 1,000 (One thousand rupees)
Working professionals / Others: INR 1,500 (One thousand and five hundred rupees)

International participants
Students: USD 50 (Fifty dollars)
Working professionals / Others: USD 65 (Sixty five dollars)

Registration process

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After the registration is complete, further details will be notified via “Whatsapp group”.


Course Director

Prof. Shivani V
Dean, Shastra Faculty, KSU

Main Faculty

Vid. Chaitanya S Lakkundi
Guest Faculty, Department of Vyakarana, KSU

Other Faculty

Dr. Anupama B
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Vyakarana, KSU

Dr. Swati Basapur
Guest Faculty,
Dept. of Vyakarana, KSU

Dr. Archana Karanth
Guest Faculty,
Dept. of Vyakarana, KSU

About the university

Karnataka Samskrit University has been formed in 2010 and is dynamically working towards the growth of Samskrit higher education in the state offering courses from diploma to PhD. The university offers programmes in various fields including language, literature, culture, tradition, Vedic studies, humanities, philosophy, grammar and sciences of different disciplines – with traditional profundity and modern approach. It also facilitates interdisciplinary research in accordance with NEP 2020.


Feel free to drop an email at or send a message here or call +91 9481253671.

Karnataka Samskrit University
Pampa Mahakavi Road,
Chamarajpet, Bangalore – 560 018.