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अमरकोश - Amara Kosha Synset

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Meaning (sk):None
Meaning (en):bet/play/hire/stake/house/price/wages/gaming/wealth/reward/treaty/dwelling/business/property/agreement/bet or a wager/particular measure/commodity for sale/playing for a stake/compact stipulation/publican or distiller/weight of copper used as a coin/thing staked or the sum played for
3|3|46|2पणो द्यूतादिषूत्सृष्टे भृतौ मूल्ये धनेऽपि च॥
3|3|215|2रहः प्रकाशौ वीकाशौ निर्वेशो भृतिभोगयोः॥
3|3|225|2प्रेक्षा नृत्येक्षणं प्रज्ञा भिक्षा सेवार्थना भृतिः॥
Pratipadika Linga Number Nom. Sing Word Ref. Meaning (en) Meaning (sk) Section Chapter
पण (7)पुंallपणः 3|3|46|2|1bet/play/hire/stake/house/price/wages/ga ...नानार्थवर्गः
निर्वेश (4)पुंallनिर्वेशः 3|3|215|2|2payment/swooning/entering/enjoying/offer ...नानार्थवर्गः
भिक्षा (4)स्त्रीallभिक्षा 3|3|225|2|2alms/hire/wages/service/begging/act of b ...नानार्थवर्गः
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