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अमरकोश - Amara Kosha Synset

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Meaning (sk):None
Meaning (en):end/acme/horn/crag/sign/peak/mark/token/point/lotus/turret/syringe/pinnacle/extremity/elevation/hare's horn/water-engine/highest point/rising of desire/tusk of an elephant/horn [of an animal]/summit of a building/cusp or horn of the moon/excess of love or passion/top or summit of a mountain/Agarwood [agallochum - Bot.]/horn used for various purposes/height or perfection of anything/anything impossible or extra ordinary/any peak or projection or lofty object/particular military array in the form of a horn or crescent/horn as a symbol of self reliance or strength or haughtiness
3|3|26|1शृङ्गं प्राधान्यसान्वोश्च वराङ्गं मूर्धगुह्ययोः।
3|3|92|1प्राधान्ये राजलिङ्गे च वृषाङ्गे ककुदोऽस्त्रियाम्।
3|3|144|1ललामं पुच्छपुण्ड्राश्वभूषाप्राधान्यकेतुषु।
Pratipadika Linga Number Nom. Sing Word Ref. Meaning (en) Meaning (sk) Section Chapter
शृङ्ग (4)नपुंallशृङ्गम् 3|3|26|1|1end/acme/horn/crag/sign/peak/mark/token/ ...नानार्थवर्गः
ककुद (3)पुंallककुदः 3|3|92|1|1नानार्थवर्गः
ककुद (3)नपुंallककुदम् 3|3|92|1|1humpनानार्थवर्गः
ललाम (5)नपुंallललामम् 3|3|144|1|1row/tail/flag/line/horse/banner/eminent/ ...नानार्थवर्गः
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