A courseware to study Ayurveda through Aṣṭāṅgahr̥dayam.

India has a great medical legacy in Āyurveda which is our traditional stream of knowledge coming down from generation to generation through Sanskrit medium. It is inevitable to an Āyurveda student to possess the language of the text in order to understand the content of the texts. At present, Āyurveda Students/doctors are dependent on secondary resources. The students of Āyurveda find it very difficult to gain proficiency in Sanskrit for two reasons. (1) Āyurveda medical students cannot invest time to learn Sanskrit grammar and literature while concentrating on Medicine. (2) There are no easy ways to get the hold on Sanskrit to get the medicinal part written in it on the basis of grammar or literature. To bridge the gap between medicine and language, there should be a mid way to learn original Āyurveda Texts. It is necessary to do research on Āyurveda texts on the basis of Sanskrit to make the study faithfull. Keeping this in mind a study on Aṣṭāṅgahṛdaya in linguistic perspective has been carried out and developed a course-ware for Āyurveda learners from the out come of the analysis.

Based on the word by word analysis of Aṣṭāṅgahṛdaya, a statistical data has been prepared manually. This helped to develop a computational grammar for Āyurveda Sanskrit, a course-ware and a study kit of Āyurveda texts based on the Statistical study of Sanskrit syntax employed in Āyurveda texts. The course-ware focuses on the Syntax limited to Āyurveda etymology of technical terms used in Āyurveda.