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Welcome to the web version of Vaijayantīkośa.

This web version helps you search words in Vaijayantīkośa and understand their meaning and various semantic relations to the given word. The semantic relations enabled are: पर्यायपदानि (synonyms),अपराजातिः (hyponyms), पराजाति: (hypernyms), अवयवाः (a part of), अवयवी (whole) and so on. You can key in a पदम्/प्रातिपदिकम् of a word. Place the cursor on a word, to get its context in the Vaijayantīkośa, which includes its gender and the reference to the relevant shloka. By selecting the option 'all relations', you can also see all the possible relations depicted in Vaijayantīkośa for a given word.

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