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अमरकोश - Amara Kosha Synset

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Meaning (sk):None
Meaning (en):age/fit/law/mode/idea/able/rule/form/epoch/prime/early/almost/period/ritual/proper/resolve/feasible/pharmacy/research/practice/possible/equal to/ordinance/competent/resembling/proceeding/similar to/alternative/practicable/determination/investigation/kind of dance/sacred precept/one of two cases/tree of paradise/manner of curing/manner of acting/almost resembling/treatment of the sick/fabulous period of time/one side of an argument/art of preparing medicine/particular abode of deities/doctrine of poisons and antidotes/most complete of the six vedAGgas/like but with a degree of inferiority/having the manner or form of anything
1|4|21|2दैवे युगसहस्रे द्वे ब्राह्मः कल्पौ तु तौ नृणाम्॥
Pratipadika Linga Number Nom. Sing Word Ref. Meaning (en) Meaning (sk) Section Chapter
कल्प (6)पुंallकल्पः 1|4|21|2|2age/fit/law/mode/idea/able/rule/form/epo ...कालवर्गः
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