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Eg: पुत्रीयति, कृष्णति, शालीयति, यशःकाम्यति

Analysis of words is a very important task in order to understand/analyse sentences in any language. This is a fresh attempt at developing a Nāmadhātu Analyzer tool. The existing Morphological Analyzers developed by various institutions analyse the nouns, verbs, kṛdantas, taddhitas but not Nāmadhātu forms such as पुत्रीयति, कृष्णति, शालीयति, यशःकाम्यति, कृष्णायते, कुमारायते, पटपटायति, अश्वयति etc. Such words are used extensively in Sanskrit literature. Hence there is a need to analyze such forms. Among the 12 sanādi-pratyayas, 7 are used to generate the Nāmadhātus (generate a verb root from a prātipadika). Panini has provided sūtras to generate these roots. The inverse rules are used here to separate the prātipadika and the pratyaya.

This lets the user to enter a prātipadika and select a pratyaya to be suffixed to the prātipadika with a particular meaning. This tool processes the input according to Panini’s Aṣṭādhyāyī and produces the verbal inflections with details. The system is developed based on पौष्पी method. Separate modules have been developed to handle pratyayas.

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